Need Stronger Roots and Healthier Plants?

IrRing's patented smart water design evenly distributes the optimal amount of water and oxygen to your grow media providing more effective irrigation designed to increase your plants' root mass.

More Efficient

Prevent clogs with our pull apart irrigation device that is easy to clean AND provide even water distribution with our patented reservoir technology

More Versatile

The IrRing can be used indoors and outdoors in soil or in hydroponic gardens.

Stronger Roots

Deliver the optimum amount of water for consistent soil moisture and stronger roots.


What is the IrRing?

Whether you’re a commercial grower looking for an easy-to-use, low-maintenance watering system for your operation or a 1 man (or woman) team building a garden, the IrRing is the perfect solution for all of your irrigation needs. Our patented smart water technology design, evenly distributes the optimal amount of water and oxygen concentration to your grow media, providing more effective irrigation. Additionally, the IrRing is designed to be hassle-free, self-sustainable, and easy to clean between growing cycles for years of ongoing use. It can be used indoors under HID lighting or under direct sunlight in outdoor applications

Save Time and Water

Reduce costs, increase yield, and make your grow operation a success with our patented irrigation solution!

Nipple Connections Sizes

IrRings fit 1/4" OD Friction Fit and 1/2" ID Hose attachments so you can rest assure that compatibility is guaranteed.

Made in the USA

All of our products are designed, manufactured, and distributed in the United States. Specifically Tulsa, Oklahoma!

IrRing demonstrating its pull apart system for ease of cleaning.
IrRing's hose connection
IrRing prototype
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See The Difference

Our system easily comes apart to enhance ease of use and cleaning. Our patented technology makes this one of the only of its kind on the market. Check out how it works by using the slider below!

IrRing demonstrating its pull apart system that increases reusabilityIrRing device in action as an irrigation system

Frequently Asked Questions

For quick and easy questions.

How long does the IrRing Last?

Our product is built with more flexible plastics that are less prone to breakage and cracks than our competitors. All IrRings come with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty in addition to being built for flexibility and years of use.

How often should I clean my IrRing?

We recommend to clean IrRing's every 2-3 months or between growing cycles to prolong your product's lifespan.

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